UPX Membership - Unleashed Potential Experience

New monthly membership created for my Dog Training Genesis students. It includes bi-weekly live group training sessions that will help you achieve your dog training goals!











Are you struggling or feeling stuck? 


Have you been discouraged, confused or overwhelmed?   


We have all been there; I know I have.  The thing is, our dogs can feel that way too. 

It takes a lot of work to show up, learn, train, grow, and build respectful and vibrant relationships with your dog and others in your life. It’s not easy. 
Some days we are all fired up, bringing our A-game to everything we do, flowing through the day rocking it out.  AND…other times things don’t go well with your dog, at work or home, and you get down on yourself,  you get frustrated and feel like giving up.

Maybe you lack clarity; therefore, you don’t have defined goals and you're confused about your next move.


It could be a lack of confidence, fear or negative emotion that's holding you or your dog back from gaining the breakthrough and success you want and deserve. 

Maybe you need to have a trainer or coach available to talk things out with. 

Someone who can show you and coach you through it so you can get out of your head and see things from a different perspective.  Someone to watch you work with your dog and see what is going on.

Whatever it is, I am excited to share that I can help you and your dog get to the next level of training and life over the long term. 

Cyber Week Sale!


$349 for one-full-year membership

SAVE $827 off the regular price!


UPX Membership - Unleashed Potential Experience 


I am super excited to share with you that this year I started a brand new Dog Training Genesis VIP Coaching program called Unleashed Potential Experience!
This membership is for those who already own Dog Training Genesis - The Core Excellence or E-Collar Excellence.

This is where I will be going live on Zoom every 2 weeks to teach and coach you and your dog, to achieve the higher level of success that you want with less struggle and at a faster pace. 

Besides being a professional dog trainer with 30+ years of experience, I am also a certified high-performance coach in personal and professional development. 

I have come to realize success in dog training isn't just about how to train your dog; it's also about your environment, your relationships, your schedule, your commitment and your goals.



During these live group coaching sessions, my goal is to train and coach you so that you can live your Unleashed Potential life.


Encourage and Motivate

You'll be encouraged in your training which will help motivate you to be the best you can be.

Gain Clarity on Your Goals

I'll help you get clear on your goals and give you the tools to reach those goals.   

Answer Your Questions Live

I'll be as close to in-person as possible :)  I can coach and help you train your dog wherever you are. 

Help You Develop a Healthy Mindset

With a healthy mindset, you'll develop a better relationship with your dog and others in your life.

I'm Ready to Join

Transformation, growth and relationships are a lifelong process, not a fad diet, so don’t be in a rush. 

Give yourself the patience and grace to learn and grow. Instead of focusing on the end. Let’s enjoy the journey along the way. 

Because life is a journey right!

Are You Skeptical of Virtual Training?


Watch This Amazing Story of Transformation


If you are looking for more help and support in combination with your online training then this is your chance to join me live every 2 weeks, month to month and get access to live training & coaching. 


So join me for the Unleashed Potential Experience where I’ll guide you, direct you, inspire you, encourage you, and keep you on track.



The Unleashed Potential Experience is not only live dog training but personal development for YOU and YOUR dog! 

It's the Perfect Companion to Duke’s Genesis Dog Training Course You Already Have!

Yearly Membership


Special Limited Time Offer

  • SAVE $827 off the regular price of $98/mo or $1176/year 
  • LIVE bi-weekly dog training and life coaching with Duke Ferguson 
  • Immediate access to replays  from previous coaching sessions inside the membership platform
  • LIVE Q&As
  • Get help with your dog training struggles
  • Supportive private community to motivate, inspire, and support your growth
  • Special price locked in 


Lets Get Started!