Unleashed Potential Dog Training Workshop

Join Duke Ferguson for a 3-day dog training & personal development workshop.

 Unleash the full potential in YOU and YOUR DOG!!





Meet Your Trainer

Duke Ferguson

Hi, I am Duke Ferguson, owner of Unleashed Potential K9 Academy, creator of UPX Coaching and Dog Training Genesis.  I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator and Certified High-Performance Coach ®

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UPX - Unleashed Potential Experience NePoPo® Dog Training Workshop

NePoPo® teaches our dogs to do, on cue, with heart and soul.

3-Day Dog Training and Coaching Workshop 
When:  TBT
Where:  TBT (email us if you're interested in hosting a workshop)

Lunches will be provided.


This workshop is hands-on with people and dogs

First, I will help you get clarity on setting some goals that you want to achieve.  Next, I will work with you and your dog to achieve some breakthroughs while developing your skills and confidence at the same time.  By the end of the workshop, we will all be working together. 

Yes! ALL SPOTS ARE WORKING SPOTS, so bringing a dog is best.

There is no other workshop on the planet where you can experience Certified High-Performace Coaching® with the NePoPo® training philosophy. Together we will shape discovery, decisions, and performance in YOU and YOUR dog. 

You can get a head start right now and get results before you attend the workshop! Yes, before the workshop starts, you can start your training and coaching now!

I am excited to share this with you.  Read through to the end to learn more about how to begin now. You will be glad you did.



✅ Four ways of clear communication between dogs and their handlers to take their relationship to the next level with NePoPo®

✅ Three keys of training and behaviour modification to unleash YOU & YOUR DOG's full potential.

✅ Gain more influence, get more engagement and be 10x more productive in behaviour-shaping and training goals.

✅ Create a positive relationship and mindset towards the training tools, other dogs, people, places and things.  Even if there has been a past negative association and struggle, we will make it a win-win! 

✅ You will be hands-on with many training tools, from clickers, tugs & treats to leashes & remote training e-collars.  

✅ You and your dog will learn to LOVE dog training and life again with new skills and increased confidence to keep you going strong long after.

✅ You will learn NePoPo® training philosophy and how I apply it to puppy training, socialization, development of behaviours & relationships, foster rehabs, and/or newly acquired adult rescued dogs and even fearful, anxious, aggressive and/or scared dogs. 

✅  You and Your dog will develop new habits and experience more breakthroughs in life. 


Who is this workshop for?

For The Professional Dog Trainer

Are you a professional trainer or aspiring to become a trainer looking to enhance your personal, professional and dog training skills?  Lets get to work on your next level!


For The Canine Professional

 Animal trainers, working dog K9 handlers, dog walkers, rescue fosters, Veterinarians and celebrity dog trainers. Uncle Duke is known as "the dog trainers coach" looking to enhance your personal, professional and dog training skills?  Let's get to work on your next level!

For The Pet Dog Owner

Duke LOVES COMMITTED DOG OWNERS! Would you like your dog to respond to you on cue with heart and soul? Got a puppy or newly adopted dog that you want to unleash its full potential in? Feeling stuck and need some help?  don't go at it alone, work with Duke 

I work with Professional Dog Trainers, companion pet dog owners, Veterinarians and Canine Professionals through Certified High-Performance Coaching® and the  NePoPo® training philosophy so that they can achieve what everyone desperately wants in life, and that is MORE.

More engagement and attention from the dog. More enjoyable walks and safe off-leash hikes,  Less reactivity and more peace in life, more freedom and less anxiety, more trust, respect, happiness and joy in the relationships, more breakthroughs, more influence and meaning, more energy and productivity.

Everyone wants more of the good things life has to offer. Right?

Well, to get more, people and dogs need to activate and unleash their full potential, and that's what I am going to help you achieve.

But it's not easy, and most people struggle more than they need to.

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I have been in the animal behaviour & dog training industry for over 35 years, and during that time, I have developed a wide range of knowledge and skills. 


I have had the blessing to have worked with thousands of people, their dogs, and hundreds of balanced trainers worldwide, and one thing I find is that many balanced trainers are not so balanced in their own lives as a whole.

Even though we all have big goals and dreams, most people today are drowning in stress, overwhelmed, and uncertainty. Dogs are more anxious and reactive than ever before. There is a connection.

So think about your life.

Do you feel you're being as productive influential, and successful as you want to be with your dog and overall life, personally and professionally?

Are you struggling to stay focused on getting ahead or better influencing your dog, team, or family?

Have you reached a plateau in your progress and struggled to break through the next level of joy, power and achievement?

Certified High-Performance Coaching

It is a process created to explore how you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in all areas of your life, not only with your dog but your overall life, personally and professionally.

This is more than just any o’l dog training workshop; it's personal development for you and your dog.

 As a Certified High-Performance Coach, I will work with you through 5 areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence.

You'll feel more purposeful and fulfilled if you develop mastery in these five areas.

Before the workshop even begins, during my live Zoom coaching, I will help you explore the following:

  • how do you feel about your overall life and goals
  • whether or not you have the physical energy and mental stamina to perform your best
  • how confident and bold you are showing up in the world for others, for yourself, and your dog
  • what distractions or poor habits cause you to fall off course, and what routines can keep you on track
  • and finally, what you can do to better influence, lead, and inspire your dog, family, and others you serve.


You’ll develop self-mastery in this process and discover new beliefs, habits, and tools that help you 10x your results.


If you are serious and want to grow your skills as a trainer, handler, companion pet dog owner, and a better human being overall, this workshop is for you!

If you want to see an extraordinary transformation in your dog, both short-term and long-term, join me.  You do not want to miss this.

If you're into personal development and want to unleash your potential with your dog, then this is for you!


This is your time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I encourage you to bring a dog to this workshop.  If you can't bring one, that's okay too. 

Yes, there will be an opportunity to book extra time with Duke at the workshop to work for 1 hour with you and your dog.

Yes, once you register for the event, we will be sending you a workshop waiver to fill out.

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