How much more could you enjoy your dog... 


If you had their matter what?  




You are frustrated and confused about how to train your dog.  Having a dog that you can take anywhere and know you'll have his attention in all situations is something you have been dreaming about.  You just don't know where to start!

Are you...


  • A couple with no kids, but your new puppy is your baby, and you really want to do things right and raise an extraordinary, well-behaved dog!

  • frustrated and stressed-out.  You love dogs, but you are not loving your current situation of having a dog who won't come when called and has too many behavioural problems to mention. 

  • A dog owner who is confused with the amount of conflicting information available today.  You've read books, watched YouTube videos, and nothing is making any sense.  You're overwhelmed!

  • A dog trainer or aspiring dog trainer looking for further education to take your knowledge and skill to another level. 

If So, You're In The Right Place!

Let's Get Started!


Imagine if...


  • You had a relationship with your dog that you've always wanted.
  • Your dog always comes when called... at home, at the park, on a walk, in the woods, anywhere!  (Without having to call over and over).
  • You could finally relax when friends come to your house because your dog will no longer jump up with excitement. 
  • You didn't have to deal with behavioural issues like chewing, barking or housebreaking.

What if you had your dog's attention. Anywhere. No matter what.

Hey, I'm Duke Ferguson!

AKA Uncle Duke, I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & High-Performance Coach. I work with dog trainers, K9 handlers, pet owners and their dogs to unleash their full potential.  Personal development for YOU and YOUR dog. 

I've spent my entire life hands-on, playing, training and working closely with dogs. Over the past 35 years, I have acquired a wide range of knowledge and skills in animal and people training.  From wild animals to domestic dogs, companion pets to police dogs, search & rescue to service dogs, celebrity dogs for movies and shows and much more. As a multi-certified professional dog trainer and certified high-performance coach, I train and coach pet owners, professional dog trainers and k9 handlers to unleash their full potential in overall life together.  Suppose you are looking for a change and want to grow and take things to the next level. In that case, I am looking forward to being your coach, helping you achieve your goals, and getting you and your dog that next breakthrough that you need and deserve so you can enjoy life together better in whatever area of life. I can help you train your dog to pay attention and listen to you anywhere you go with a joyful heart. 

Have you been struggling or feeling stuck?  I've been there before, and I know exactly how you feel. An animal behaviourist once told me that if "purely positive-only training" did not work, I should consider euthanizing him.  That extreme mindset was unacceptable to me and motivated me to move forward with the life passion I always had. I always knew I would be working with dogs and helping people. Knowing where I came from, having the passion and experience and belief I was born and shaped for this, the faith I could figure things out and excel, I decided to make a bold move; I sold everything I owned and went all-in on dog training and coaching. I travelled to many countries to study dog training methods from all over the world. I've learned from the best in the dog training industry and the personal development coaching world, so I can continue to grow and better myself as a person, trainer & coach and bring the best of my abilities home to my family, team and students. 

After many years of training dogs, I know what works, what doesn't, and what actually gets results.

I've studied many methods from some of the best trainers in the world. I've taken the strongest aspects and approaches from all dog training methods, worldwide, to create a modern, balanced, effective-for-every-dog method of obedience training that I call Dog Training GENESIS.


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Unleashed Potential®

Dog Training Genesis

This online training program works!

Every time. With any dog.

IF you're willing to be consistent with your schedule and you're committed to your goals.


Dog Training Genesis Member:


“If you are wondering if this training works or not, my husband recalled Grace away from chasing a fox at the edge of our property. We have a 1/4 mile snowshoe tracks made around the property.

She started after the fox, then recalled back to a heel and continued on. Hubby said he could see the fox sitting in the woods watching as they continued their walk; Grace watched him back but stayed in the heel.
This wild fox is around the area a lot; they were singing to each other last night lol

This absolutely would not have happened prior to your program.”

-Owner Nancy

I'm ready to join for USD $549



What Are The Benefits?



Dog Training Genesis is an online training course that you can access from any of your devices.  You can watch the training anywhere you have access to the internet. We even have an app!


No need to spend time searching on Google or take time out of your busy schedule for private or group lessons when you have all of the information you need in one place.  Dog Training Genesis is not even half the investment of a professional trainer.


My step-by-step training system will help you stay focused so you can reach your training goals. You can even join our private, members-only Facebook group for even more support!

What our members are saying:




The Core Excellence


The Core is the foundation of all our training. It is the "Core" program that teaches you all the basics as well as advanced leash work, so you end up with an excellent, obedient dog.


To start you off, there are eleven videos totalling roughly two hours and forty-five minutes that will teach you what you need to know before you start hands-on work with the dog. In total, there are over 65 step-by-step training videos for you to watch, learn and apply. I am constantly tweaking and adding videos to make the training the very best on the web to give you the best success possible.

The Dog Training GENESIS program is set up for your success. Based on operant conditioning and classical conditioning, the balanced approach in the program uses all of the scientific quadrants for shaping behaviours.

All of this foundational training is laid out in a step-by-step sequence with me. You must start with the core foundation work to learn all of the science behind dog behaviour, before you graduate to hands-on training, starting with food and toys, then transitioning and properly overlaying leash and pinch or slip collar to polish up what the dog has learned to achieve obedience excellence.

The Core Excellence Modules:




I've put together the very best in off-leash training, so you will have a dog that will listen to you in any situation. 


You must go through the CORE to understand dog training and achieve success before advancing to E-Collar Excellence. 

E-Collar Excellence gives you the ability to learn at your own pace, and take full advantage of a modern-day dog training system that will teach you a clear communication and motivation system for all dogs to respond and pay attention on or off-leash with heart and soul…

Including deaf dogs!

After each video, you can post comments or ask me questions along the way and I will personally answer them.  I want to help you succeed!  

With both programs, you'll have access to a private, Dog Training Genesis Facebook community so that you can upload videos and pictures, ask more questions and get the very best of help and support.

There are PDF files you can download after some videos to help keep you on track with your training as well as checklists, mind maps and summaries of the video.

E-Collar Excellence Modules:

Unleashed Potential®

Dog Training GENESIS

$549 USD

one-time payment

  • An instructional online video course
  • Achieve a high level of obedience with your dog, on or off-leash in any level of distractions
  • Better understand your dog's behaviour
  • Eliminate undesired behaviour problems
  • Extra support included! Join our private member Facebook group
  • Learn high-level off-leash obedience with advanced e-collar training videos
  • Over 150 training videos!
  • Free mobile app
  • Exclusive world-class, modern-day e-collar training.
BUY NOW for $549

Still Got Questions?

Remember, if Dog Training GENESIS doesn't work for you, no worries, we'll refund your money. 

No questions asked.