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Are Dogs Eager to Please You?


Understand what motivates your dog 


5 Reasons Why We Have Problems With Dogs


Learn 5 reasons why we have dog problems and resistance in training.


3 Keys to Change and Shape Your Dogs Behaviour


Learn the 3 important keys of behaviour modification.   


Establish Clear Communication


Build a proper relationship with your dog by having clear communication. 



How to Train Desired Behaviours With Any Dog!


Eliminate any unwanted behaviours and increase desired behaviours.


How to Burn Off Excess Energy in Your Dog 


Learn easy ways to satisfy your dog's exercise needs and have fun together.

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I'm owner, CEO, and master trainer of Unleashed Potential K9 Academy and creator of Dog Training Genesis - a suite of  self-paced online dog training videos. 

At Unleashed Potential K9 Academy, I train dog owners, professional and aspiring dog trainers as well as K9 handlers who want to learn high-level dog training or start their own dog training business. As a certified NePoPo® trainer and high performance coach I help take students to the next level in personal, professional and business development.

I put this site together so you can access the training we provide for our student pro-trainers as well as thousands of pet owners worldwide. 

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