Duke Ferguson's Unleashed Potential Online Courses, Memberships and Coaching Programs

Dog Training Genesis
The CORE Excellence

The CORE is the foundation of all our training.  It is the "Core" program that teaches you all the basic commands as well as advanced leash work so you end up with an excellent, obedient dog. 

Dog Training Genesis
E Collar Excellence

Get access to the very best in off-leash training so you can have a dog that will listen to you in any situation.  This training will give you pwace of mind that your dog will always come when called. 

Unleashed Potential Experience Package

This training program combines Duke's online training courses The Core Excellence and E-Collar Excellence with virtual group training sessions for a complete package that will help you achieve your dog training goals.  

Easy & Enjoyable Nail Trimming

This nail trimming course is a comprehensive, professional training approach that teaches step-by-step how to not only trim your dog's nails with ease but how to build trust and confidence so you both enjoy nail trims more!

Fetch4Me! Trained Retrieve for ALL Dogs

Trained Retrieve is a comprehensive step-by-step training that will enable you to teach any dog to retrieve virtually anything you want.  This training combines the use of a clicker or verbal markers, free shaping and an e-collar. 

Boundary Training Like a Boss

This program will teach you how to boundary train your dog to never leave the designated boundaries such as your property, cottage, campgrounds, parks, and other places you go. The program requires an e-collar and food. 


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