"How To Trim Your Dog's Nails With Ease and Confidence.
You'll Gain More Trust While Building a Better Relationship"

(even if your dog already struggles with nail trims)


Here Is What You'll Get...
3 Comprehensive Video Training Modules

"Discover How Trim Your Dog's Nails As Skillfully As Your Local Groomer, 
Without All The Stress And Anxiety!"

(relax, build trust with your pet and save money!)





In This Module, You Will Learn...

πŸ•  Why Trim Your Dog's Nails?

πŸ•  The Tools You'll Need

πŸ•  3 Types of Trimmers

πŸ•  Building Ignition and a Dog That is Empowered




In This Module, You Will Learn...

πŸ•  The 4 Ways Dog's Communicate

πŸ•  Understand How Dog's Learn

πŸ•  3 Key of Behaviour Modification

πŸ•  Marking Behaviours for Clarity

πŸ•  Anatomy of the Nail to Prevent Cutting the Quick



In This Module, You Will Learn...

πŸ•  How to Establish a Clear Communication System With Your Dog

πŸ•  Step #1 First Paw Touch Conditioning on Elevated Surface

πŸ•  Step #2 Give Paw - SPEED with Touch & Feed

πŸ•  Step #3 DURATION - Holding and Manipulating the Paw Longer

πŸ•  STEP #4 How to Transition Into Trimming Your Dog’s Nails


There's a Dedicated Dog Owner in the World Today and It's YOU!

This New Kind of Dog Owner is...


βœ” One Who Wants to Build an Unbreakable Bond With Their Dog

βœ” One Who Wants Have the Ultimate Trusting Relationship

βœ” One Who Wants Total Cooperation and Enjoyment With Their Dog

βœ” One Who Wants the Knowledge and Skill to Builds Confidence in Both Owner and Dog 

βœ” One Who Wants to Trim Their Dog's Nails at Home With More Ease and Enjoyment Without Hurting the Dog

βœ” One Who Wants to do it Right the First Time With The Highest Rates of Success

βœ” One Who is Open Minded and Wants What is Best for Not Only Them But Their Dog

βœ” One Who Wants to Save Time and Money While Still Experiencing a Positive Outcome


The Best Dog Owners Look For Ways To
Improve All Areas of Their Dog's Life Including Their Own


Learning the right system to properly trim your own dog's nails and reduce stress while doing so is one of the fastest ways to see a positive change in your dog's mindset and behaviour and turn a procedure that was once scary into a trusting and enjoyable interaction between you and your dog.


But the question that may be on your mind is:


My dog does not like nail trimming.  How do I get the him motivated and engaged to cooperate when he refuses food or treats? 



How do I get the dog to sit still and allow me to hold his paw for easy trimming and how do I avoid cutting the quick?



How do I change MY negative feelings and stressful emotions surrounding nail trimming.

Learn Anywhere

Unleashed Potential's Easy & Enjoyable Nail Trimming Course is an online, comprehensive, step-by-step course that makes it convenient to learn at home or on the go.  All you need is a wifi connection and a computer or mobile device.  We even have an app!

Save Money

No more planning ahead for those constant nail trimming appointments at the vet or groomers.  You can easily schedule your dog's nails care needs around your life and even have it be pleasurable.  Think of all the time and money you'll save!

Reduce Stress

With positive nail trimming experiences you'll reduce any past stress that either you or your dog may have felt.  You'll gain confidence and build a better bond with your dog.  He will even begin offering you his paw!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying...


Changed my Life!

Bella was always fearful of nail trims.  The trips we made to the groomers were stressful and we never looked forward to it.  After taking my time and working through this course Bella now cooperates and we can easily keep up with her nails at home.  We work on them a few times a month and it's now just part of her normal routine.  Best of all...she actually enjoys it!  

-Maria L.

Gave me the Confidence I Needed!

I can't believe how much confidence this nail trimming course has given me!  I was always scared I'd hurt my dog Sasha by accidentally cutting the quick.  I've always wanted to trim my own dog's nails but fear always got in the way.  The step-by-step nature of this course gave me all the tools and information I needed trim Sasha's nails. I love that I can now do this procedure myself. Thank-you for creating this course!

- Julie M.

More Success Stories!


Now I can clip my girls nails and she enjoys the experience and she trusts me 100%


My rescue dog with bad past experiences with people had intense fear issues about having her paws touched and there was no way I could trim her nails as she would get so scared she would try and bite me. I didn’t know how to teach her to tolerate it and I worried about stressing her and putting strain on our relationship.

Then I got this program by Duke Ferguson and was able to go through a detailed step-by-step process using food rewards to teach her to not be afraid of my touch and not be afraid of the clippers. We are more bonded then ever!

Thanks Duke and Unleashed Potential!

-Sara B.

 This program has shown me lots about my dog that I didn’t realize like he was uncomfortable with his nails being manipulated.


Bolt is not through the program yet. So far this program has shown me lots about him and little problems that I didn’t realize he was uncomfortable with such as nails being manipulated. I am very excited with the results from the program and knowing that my bond with my dog is that much stronger because of it.

 -Shane B.

 If you are looking for a comprehensive yet practical and straight forward nail trimming video series look no further! 


Duke adds his signature humour throughout the series which I throughly enjoyed!! 

I specifically liked the videos that discussed the 3 Types of Tools and the Anatomy of the Nail. The video series gave me a better understanding on what tool is most appropriate for my puppy and the best way to trim his nails.

This video series has allowed me to have peace of mind that my puppy can have his nails trimmed in an environment that is not stressful for him.

Thank you Duke for this AMAZING resource that I know will be beneficial for all dog owners.

-Kiersten B.